About the Contest

The mission of the «Photographer of the Year 2014» – contest is to support creative activity of professional and amateur photographers, as well as artists working with photography.

The prize fund consists of awards from partners totaling over UAH 150,000:


There will be special prizes for the winners (1st place) in all categories of Professional and Amateur Categories from



A major component of the photo contest is the jury composed of the most authoritative representatives of the domestic and foreign photography industry, whose authority is beyond doubt and who enjoy great credibility among participants.

Misha PedanMisha Pedan

Born and raised in Kharkiv in Ukraine, former USSR. Since 1990 living in Sweden. Kharkiv is known for its photo school. A group of photographers originating from there became representatives for the new Soviet photo art in the end of the eighties. Works in mixed techniques from hand colored black and white photos to conceptual investigations. Has been working as a head teacher at the photo school Kulturama in Stockholm for the past 7 years. Founder and coordinator of the Ukrainian Photography Alternative (UPHA). Has been the curator of numerous international photographic projects.

Alexander MordererAlexander Morderer

Alexander Morderer was born in 1972. He graduated from the Republican Institute of Technology (Kyiv) with a degree in photographic engineering and lighting operations, and earned another degree (camera operations) from the Kyiv University of Dramatic Arts in 1996.
Since 1993, he works as professional photographer in the fields of advertising, fashion, art projects.
Exhibitions: «A Fresh View on TV Stars» (Kyiv, 2001), «Homo Ludens» (Kyiv, 2003), «Perversion» with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (Kyiv, 2003), a display of photographs in Alushta during the XI International Forum of Capital Market Participants (2008).
Awards: 1996 – «The Condemned House» (a movie short) directed by O. Hrebtova; a prize at the Moscow Festival «Saint Anna» «Best Photographer 2002» at the Ukrainian Contest «Black Pearl» «Best Film Operator 2006» at the Cinema and Video Festival «Open Night» in the «Professional Picture» category; «Photographer of the Year 2007» awarded by EGO magazine; winner in the «Creator of Illusions» category (DFoto magazine, «Person of the Year 2008»).

Анна Войтенко

Анна Войтенко родилась в Киеве. Окончила Киевский политехнический институт. Сотрудничает с фотоагенством «Le Desk France», журналом «National Geographic» и другими СМИ в Украине и за рубежом, а также с «Я Галереей». Имеет множество наград, в частности: 2010 – Гран-при премии «Лучший фотограф 2009» Росии стран СНГ и Балтии. 2010 – премию фонда розвития фотожурналистики Росии; Оfficial Honorable Mention for the 2008 All Roads Photography Program; Грант Проф. Херш Чадха O.P.M. (Harvard). Дубай (ОAE). Грант Шведского института для шведско-украинского проекта «Урбанистические структуры»; Первое место в конкурсе журналистской фотографи, «Психиатрия и гордость человека», Первое место в конкурсе “Reinox” и др. Имеет десять персональних выставок, принимала участие в более чем 40 коллективных проектах.


To maintain equal terms for all contestants, we introduced two categories: professional and amateur. Therefore, professional photographers will upload their photos to the professional category while enthusiasts to the amateur category, respectively.

Professionals are those photographers for whom photography is the main source of income and those who treat themselves as such.

Amateurs are those people for whom photography is a hobby.

Professional category:

  1. Landscape (flora)
  2. Animals (fauna)
  3. Architecture
  4. Genre
  5. Still Life
  6. Nude/Erotica
  7. Portrait
  8. Reportage
  9. Sport
  10. Commercial photography
  11. Wedding
  12. Art Photography
  13. Computer Graphics
  14. Documentary photography

Amateur category:

  1. Landscape (flora)
  2. Animals (fauna)
  3. Architecture
  4. Genre
  5. Still Life
  6. Nude/Erotica
  7. Portrait
  8. Street photography
  9. Art Photography
  10. Macro
  11. Computer Graphics

Contest's Procedure

  • Participants upload their entries on the contest website and pay the entry fee before May 15, 2015 (inclusive).
  • Entries may be submitted before May 16, 2015. The contest jury starts work and forms the short list before June 03, 2015.
  • The jury selects the contest winners (Grand Prix «Best Photographer of the Year» and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the categories) by June 03, 2015.
  • Voting for the «People's Choice Award» is held from May 18 to May 31, 2015.
  • The awards ceremony is held in June 2015.

Please send your questions relating to the contest to our e-mail address: moderator@office.foto.ua.